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Thread: The big list of Ottawa MAs who provide GFE

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    +1 Ava @ALO

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    +1 Kelsey @ ALO So very very good

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    +1 for Vera at CMJ. Great session.

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    +1 for Lucy at CMJ. CMJ is going to do bad things to my bank account!

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    +1 for Lexxa @CMJ. Beautiful and smart. Winning combination

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    - 1 for Adeline. Beautiful and very friendly but lacking sensuality until the 5 min finale. No slides or responsiveness but she did mention she warms up after 1 visit. Still you need a reason to return. Also cut 10 mins short. Not the typical BC standard....

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    +1 for Grace at CMJ

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    +1 for Beckie at Angel's/Paradise

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    -1 Faith CMJ

    +1 Essence Brass

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    +1 Isa (Isabel) @ indy
    +1 Sandra @ ALO
    +1 Victoria @ indy, formerly Body Basics

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    I haven't been contribute on a regular basis because I cut down a bit and just seeing a few regulars.
    So far for for 2018:

    +1 Ember at Brass. Enough good things already mentioned about this young lady. No need for my input. Just go see her. Highly recommended.

    +1 Pipes at Brass. Finally saw her again as our schedule don't line up. She is ddg, friendly, smart and down to earth. A hidden gem at BC. Great session and definitely no drama coming from her. Highly recommended.

    +1 Corrine Summers visiting at Brass. Pretty face, great personality and down to earth. I didn't check about her reviews in Toronto forum nor seeking for intel. It was a great session, her ability to read my body languages is uncanny. We both enjoyed the gfe sensual massage. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a great looking and intelligent blonde.

    +1 Thalya at Brass. She met the 4 criteria in the low bar of this gfe ma thread. ddg face with great body. She came in, provided massage and a nice manual release. Even we don't click, nice conversation through, but she did her job so +1 for her.

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    Tasha at alo +1
    Tabitha at Cmj -1

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    2018 nominations are coming strong. Remember to vote and put in comments if you wish.

    Here is a link to the UC GFE MA list, which is now up to date, as of this writing.

    Thank you for voting, please keep them cumming :-)

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    +1 for avah simonez ALO energetic, lots of fun, non stop
    -1 for Karmin delgardo, independent, minimal service, must be ymmv or a bad day
    -1 Essence brass,

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    Tabitha, CMJ +1. Great lady.

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    +1 for Kelsey at ALO. The heels are a nice touch!

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    +1 sammy at AT/PS. Very very GFE , pretty and lots of fun

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    +1 for Mila at Brass Club. Lovely, sensual and intimate. Very positive and fun to connect with. A very pleasurable afternoon of pleasure.
    I resemble that remark !

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    +1 for India at CMJ

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    +1 Camryn/ALO
    +2 Cassie King @ Paradise/AT

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    +1 Chantal at alo and I had the nuru massage

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    +1 Blake CMJ

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    +1 Ember @ Brassclub
    +1 Barbie @ Brassclub
    +1 Hope @ ALO

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    +1 for Isa - Indy

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