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Thread: The big list of Ottawa MAs who provide GFE

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    -1 Lacey at Brass. Very friendly and pleasant, but does not meet the lowball criteria for GFE unfortunately.

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    Im not able to access the sheet. Were there any updates happened

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    +1 for Fallon at ALO
    Twitter: @FatKenobi77

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newott View Post
    Im not able to access the sheet. Were there any updates happened
    Check my posts in the last few pages
    #MTGA is #MakeTerbGreatAgain

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuran View Post
    +1 Thalya @ BC
    Just wow!
    Did I say wow? I meant wow!
    Anyone ever hear from Thalya? Apparently she is not coming back to Brass anytime soon. She was amazing !!

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    +1 for Iris - new girl at CMJ. I was actually her second client and she was really great. Killer body too.

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    +1 Mila @ Brassclub. Note she has met the bare minimum requirements on the GFE list. Her session was restrictive compared past sessions. Maybe she had an off day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ISeekThrills View Post
    +1 Mila @ Brassclub. Note she has met the requirements on the GFE list. Somehow, she has changed.
    Changed how? For the better?

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    Here is a new link to the GFE MA list, which is now up to date, as of this writing:

    Thank you everyone for voting, please keep them coming.
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    Brie @ CMJ... Having chatted with Brie elsewhere, we met today - my first visit to CMJ West. She greeted me with open arms, a broad warm smile, a kiss and hug as if we'd known each other for ages. New to the business, Brie is an absolute treasure - a perfect, petite, lithe package of smiles and curves. Toned yet so soft and supple with the hands of a goddess.... soft and warm with the strength to work out the worst of my workday/life stresses. Her soft yet firm massage and slide, mixed with just enough tease hit all the right spots. Brie's confidence, charm and ability guarantee she has a following for a long time.

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    Thank you Dafishmanjj. Glad to see you had a great time.

    Is it +1 for Brie cmj ?
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    +1 for Monty Crista (amazing as always)

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    +1 for Monty Crista (independent)
    +1 for Karmin (independent)

    +1 for Grace @cmj (she is absolutely amazing)
    I would rather cuddle then have sex.

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    +1 Misty @ CMJ
    +1 Misty @ CMJ (seen twice)
    Fantastic. Full review to come. But definitely GFE.

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    +1 Maya @brass. Great kissing, sides, shower play, sensual and erotic on the table. A definite repeat.

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