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Thread: The big list of Ottawa MAs who provide GFE

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    +1 Alma

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    +1 for Erica Chapelle independent
    For the love of God, let the baby ride the dog.

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    +1 for Penelope at BC. always a fun time with her...

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    +1 for Lisa 6003 or 7648, Indie. had a fantastic session, she is lots of fun.

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    +1 Dawn Brass, wow! for our first session, excellent connection, what a blast we had!

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    I was away for a while and had fun in another country. I was able to catch up with a few ladies:

    +1 for Dee Dee at Brass. Definitely gfe sessions. Highly recommend.

    +1 for Karlie at Brass. Great gfe session recently. Very sensual as usual. Highly recommend.

    +1 for Roxy at Brass.

    Another +1 for indy Karyn Svensen. A true superstar MA. Treat her with respect and you will get back in return. She has broke my record.

    Note that i put 'another +1' in order to make things transparent. If anyone want to vote for the same lady repeatly, nobody here will stop you but just be upfront about it. Putting 'another +1' will help members decide/search for unique votes.

    Also, i have seen Karyn many times and similar to other MAs in the past but you would never see me vote for the same lady week in and week out. Just a thought for members here.

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    Another big +1 for Anna @ ALO

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    +1 for Blair at CMJ

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    +1 Karyn Svensen independent fantastic

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    +1 Faith at CMJ amazing first time session.
    +1 Anastasia at CMJ definitely one of my favourites now. Sweet, smart, and really fun

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    Here is a link to the UC GFE MA list, which is now up to date, as of this writing.

    Thank you everyone for voting, please keep them coming.

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    1+ for Faith at CMJ

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    +1 Frankie at CMJ
    Yeah baby, yeah!

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    +1 Britney at Paradise.

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    +1 Chantal Lee now at Body Basics

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    -1 for Stephanie at Paradise.

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    +1 for Destiny @ CMJ.

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    +1 Bella @ Brass

    Adorable, friendly, funny,and affectionate.
    Awesome session!

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    + 1 Sara Love - Indy...sweet and sexy!
    + Faye @Brass Club

    Is it possible to please add contact info - Tel?/Twitter? or Email as a column please please ...


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    +1 for Karyn Svensen

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    +1 Rose at CMJ . Wow she's a quick learner after 1 week!
    Beautiful, Open Minded, Smart and a joy to be with!!

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