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Thread: The big list of Ottawa MAs who provide GFE

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    + 1 for Bobbi CMJ

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    +1 Kitten @ CMJ
    +1 Gina @ CMJ

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    +1 katia Cmj. Not everyone cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. Grand finale I screamed so loud that the receptionist turned up the music.

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    Been hoarding some votes:
    +1 Sayori at ALO
    +1 Barbie at BC
    +1 Bobbi at CMJ
    A repeat +1 for Tara (independent)

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowledge View Post
    +1 karrissa @ cmj another hot make out session and she's hot and alot of fun .

    +1 alia @ cmj she is a bit shy but gorgeous and sexy!
    Agree, both these ladies are wonderful!
    Don't trust bobbiz!

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    +1 Sadie @Vibe

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    +1 Tabitha at cmj awesome

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    +1 for Ivory at CMJ. Definite repeat my new regular

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    +1 Lucy at ALO
    +1 Camyrn at ALO
    +1 Scarlet at ALO
    +1 Roxy at ALO
    +1 Erica Chapelle - Independent

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    Big +1 for Olivia Luxee (ALO) and her duo partner Stella (training session).

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    +1 Grace at CMJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuran View Post
    It is up to ourselves to check our votes.

    We all know that multi votes tilts the scale but it is an exploitable loophole.

    Probably only UC will have the authority to patch up the loophole or someone starts a new list that reflects the truth better.

    The more multi votes there is the less accurate the info is becoming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Cowboy View Post
    Since maseeker is now running the list, it would be his rules to change if he decides.)
    Changes are coming...maybe a reboot?

    Here is a link to the GFE MA list, which is now up to date, as of this writing.

    Thank you everyone for voting, please keep them coming.
    #MTGA is #MakeTerbGreatAgain

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    A +1 for Tyler @ CMJ

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