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Thread: The VR Age Begins...

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    Here is another latest video comparing the best VR headsets out ATM which is the HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro and Samsung Odyssey.

    In summary Samsung Odyssey is still the best value having the same resolution at the HTC Vivie Pro at the cheapest price. I had this unit since beginning of this year and still love it.

    Forget about the Piemax 8k, those guys are out to lunch and have not applied any meaningful R&D. Apparently this FOV and resolution causes issues and creates headaches and other issues to the users. This is why other companies dropped this large FOV/resolution.

    I picked up an Oculus in 2016 and a Samsung Odyssey Oct. 2017. The Odyssey is quite a bit better than the Oculus. the resolution upgrade is noticeable and the fact it literally only takes a few minutes to be up and running with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. no base station set up and placement necessary. inside out tracking works well. Works on 99% of steam games and also works well with Oculus games in your library.

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    Here is another video from the above reviewer. He spent a day at a porn studio learning how they do it for VR lol I'm sure it was a fun day

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