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Thread: Will Woodbine kill Niagara?

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    For those who are interested, instead of all the conjecture and wild guesses so far on this thread, why doesn't one just visit the Standardbred Canada website or the Woodbine Entertainment website. Look up the various articles on the proposed entertainment complex that have been floating around for years but scuttled when the no-good Liberals pulled the plug on the horseracing industry in 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankingman View Post

    Woodbine has the biggest track of unused commercial land in the GTA. Would be a great site for a new arena for TO's "second" NHL team lol!
    The Leafs won't be too happy about that idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spankingman View Post
    Not so sure about that. The native run Casinos like Seneca Nation in Niagara Falls,Salamanca etc have smoking and free booze as long as you are gambling. I can't see many Americans coming over here with our archaic smoking,booze laws.

    About half maybe more of the Seneca Casino patrons in NF NY are from Canada enticed by the smoking and booze.
    Gambling winnings in Canada are tax free, not so in the States. I would think tax free winnings would be a drawing card for American gamblers but only if they didn't tell the IRS they won anything.

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    Are they going to start building the 5000-seat concert venue soon? They announced it a year ago.

    Since I don't care about gambling, the shows have been the only reasons I've ever been to Rama and Fallsview, so I could see this eroding the number of people from the GTA who go there. Rama is presently the only one of the three with a venue of that size, but it's in the middle of nowhere. Fallsview at least is in the city where you can walk around to go to other places, but the venue is too small at only about a thousand seats, and it seems they're also now trying to get a 5 to 7 thousand-seat venue added.

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    "Casino Woodbine" is now up and running with100 live tables and more plans to expand.

    "Elements Casino Mohawk" is in the process of major renovations at Mohawk Racetrack now called Woodbine Mohawk Park.
    WMP are also in the midst of their own renovations as well. Elements is leasing areas that WMP had as surplus areas that were not used.

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    Wonder how it's affecting Rama, Niagara, Blue Herron, Brantford etc.

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    The table games are not that great at Woodbine, in fact I would label it as terrible compared to even what Brantford used to be. No self-serve pop and coffee station, minimums on table games, especially blackjack are too high and too much focus on the video camera based single dealer card games with touch screens than multiple smaller table set ups, the decor is like the boardroom of a holiday inn. Plain babyblue/off-white walls. I guess they are trying to move away from that distracting Vega style of making you forget what time it is, but it definitely needs work.

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