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Thread: real estate..... is it true??

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    Quote Originally Posted by wonkyknee View Post
    LoL. Now the Hamilton real estate market is the way to go? LOL.

    Even just before the last real estate market crash, Hamilton prices were up. Rexdale and Jane/Finch side splits were going for $400 000 before they dropped to $180 000. Last think I'd do late in a market cycle is speculate in a crappy area. Worst move possible!

    This is an election year. I fully expect JT to get rid of the 2% qualifying rule. Maybe even bring back 30 year amortizations. Maybe increase CMHC mortgage insurance to 1.2million or 1.5million. I hope one of these things staves off a collapse. But make no mistake, this is no time to pay full price for an investment property.
    whats wrong with the hamilton market? its not toronto, but you can make money here. Im not a flipper but I do like to buy a property undervalue so I can make money before hand and then get some sweat equity out of it. the issue is low inventory and people willing to pay over its value. realtors are speculating based on what ifs and "could sell" for as potential to make money on flips.

    Im patience..... just like the stock market, there is always a correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clules View Post
    Toronto Average Prices 1980 to 2013 as per Toronto Real Estate Board

    Thanks that was informative!

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    Profitability of residential real estate is greatly exaggerated today. I didn't want to play roulette and invested in herringbone shed construction. As for me, agricultural private business has more opportunities for growth today.

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