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Thread: Short Forms & Abbreviations

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    finger feeding

    PJFF - the act of being fed pussy juice from her finger.

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    Came across this site and not sure if it was posted before, but it seems to be the most complete in short forms and abbreviations found so far:

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    Here are some new ones:

    MMILF = Milk Maid I'd Love To Fuck

    MMYCPMF = Milk Maid you coudn't pay me to Fuck

    MFB = Milk Filled Breasts

    SN = Squirting Nipples

    DN = Dripping Nipples

    SS= Super Soaker

    LOBM = Lots Of Breast Milk

    VLBM = Very Little Breast Milk

    CE = Chugging Effect

    IS = Ivory Showers

    BBM = Big Breasted Milker

    SBM = Small Breasted Milker

    MTF = Milky Tit Fuck

    LOSA = Lots Of Suckling Allowed

    SIL = Suckling Is Limited

    PMM = Pretty Milk Maid

    UAFMM = Ugly As Fuck Milk Maid

    CODNS = Capable of Double Nipple Suck

    BNMM = Big Nipple Milk Maid

    SNMM = Small Nipple Milk Maid

    FBMJHB = Fresh Breast Milk Just Had Baby

    BMHPIED = Breast Milk Has Past Its Expirey date

    ABCDEFG = The beginning Of the Aphabet

    * Just Jokes.... Cheers! 3:8P

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    Part 1.

    * Around the world: Enjoy sex in all holes-mouth, anal, vagina

    * Asian: Oral sex on the anus of either sex (aka Rimming or Around-the-World)

    * Asian Cowgirl: Cowgirl with girl on her feet, instead of her knees

    * ATF: All Time Favorite

    * B2B = Body 2 Body: Rubbing body with anothers body

    * BDS = Bondage(state of being bound) Discipline(tenure or service of person(aka slave) to person (aka Dominatrix) , Sado(Giving Pain), Juliet only gives all this

    * BDSM = Bondage(state of being bound) Discipline(tenure or service of person(aka slave) to person (aka Dominatrix) , Sado(Giving Pain), Masochism(receiving pain) <NOT for Juliet

    * Bi = Bisexual: enjoy being with male or female

    * BJ = Blow Job: Oral sex performed on a man (aka French Without).

    * BBBJ = Bare Back Blow Job: Oral sex on a man without using a condom (aka French Without).

    * BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

    * BFE = Boy Friend Experience: Spend two or more hours together, have dinner or drinks, maybe a small gift, a little mutual care giving, give a massage on occasion, being willing (if otherwise appropriate based on some good observations below) to give oral in addition to receiving it, and in general, make it a priority for the provider to have a good time in addition to the client.

    * BUKKAKE: to squirt or splash cum<click Blue for more

    * CBT = Cock and Ball Torture: only if requested

    * CBJ = Covered Blow Job: Oral sex on a man using a condom (aka French With).

    * Cowgirl: Girl on top AKA: Juliet TIGGER BOUNCE

    * Cunnilingus: The act of stimulating the female genitals (especially the clitoris and vaginal lips) with the lips and tongue, or having one's genitals stimulated in this way. Cunnilingus is also commonly referred to as `oral sex' or `licking'.

    * DATY = Dining at the "Y": Also known as Cunnilingus (see definition above). Juliet enjoys let her now you want it!

    * Doggie Style: Man behind girl (standing or kneeling, penis inserted in vagina

    * DOM = Dominatrix: Female that controls another

    * DFK=Deep French Kissing: Kissing on mouth with tongue contact deep into throat.

    * DT = Deep Throat: Oral on cock deep in the mouth

    * ENEMA: AKA colonic, liquid flowed into the intestine by way of the anus

    * Facial: Give or Receive Cum all over the face or massage with hands on and around the face-BiJuliet does all

    * FGFE = French Girl Friend Experience: BiJuliet's GFE with lots of Asian mixed in, the experience is unrushed, enjoyable, fun, relaxing and more like a "real date than a quick commercial encounter. Where anything GOES, oral and various multiple hour session that facilitates the girl friend experience with M/F/TV/couple, mutual cuddling, foreplay, mutual kissing, mutual oral sex uncovered, and involves either the illusion or reality of passion on the part of the provider. (all covered except BJ)

    * Fellatio = The act of sucking or licking the penis or having one's penis sucked or licked. Fellatio is also commonly referred to as 'oral sex' or 'sucking' or 'blow job'.

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    Part 2.

    * French = Oral sex

    * French Kissing = Kissing on mouth with tongue contact see also DFK

    * FBSM = Full Body Sensual Massage: Not usually full service; EXPECT only massage and HJ (see definition below), but more services might or might not be available. Also known as Private Viewing (see definition below) or B2B (Body 2 Body)

    * FS = Full Service: Intercourse to completion (with condom!)

    * GFE = Girl Friend Experience: Definition varies by provider. Refers to a type of session providing aspects of social and physical interaction beyond the act itself. Some ladies provide the GFE experience as part of their regular services, while others do so depending on the circumstances or not at all. see FGFE for BiJuliet session

    * GFE = Girl Friend Experience man's point of view: What it means to each person is a little different, but to most guys it means a provider that makes the experience seem unrushed, enjoyable, fun, relaxing and more like a "real date than a quick commercial encounter. In practice, though, it seems to depend on chemistry, personality and mutual expectations, as YMMV ("your mileage may vary") for both the provider and client.

    * Greek: Anal sex (with Condom).

    * Greek Without: Anal sex without condom (aka "Death Wish") N/A

    * Half & Half = A combination of both oral sex and intercourse.

    * Hand Job (HJ) = Masturbation by yourself or others with your hand only

    * Incall = You meet the person at his/her place---apartment or hotel room arranged by service provider

    * In Search Of (ISO) = A message board post looking for something (a girl, a date, a TS/TV, etc)

    * Missionary = man on top

    * Nude Massage = AKA PV, Licensed Real Therapeutic Nude Massage with/without HJ (customers choice with biJuliet) where both client and provider is nude during session
    * Outcall: person comes to your place---your home, your hotel, etc.

    * Polish: Massaging the buttocks with the boobs

    * PV = Private Viewing: The facts are that private viewings as a genre are NOT Full Service, Also private viewing is interpreted differently by different PV providers and implemented differently according to the client in many instances--many more than a FS escort. If you insist on Full Service DO NOT go to someone who advertises Private Viewing. Really simple. If you are happy with a "hands-on" approach (and likely hands only) then this may be a route for you. You will in all likelihood leave the PV "satisfied" and the PV provider WILL assist you in a hands-on manner. It is NOT a do-it-yourself experience. If language lessons happen consider your self blessed or lucky but DO NOT expect it and DO NOT plan on it no matter what one individual says--that is foolhardy at best. Also known as FBSM (see definition above) or B2B.

    * REQ: Requesting information

    * Russian: Penis between girl's breasts until completion. AKA Pear necklace, or HPF(Hawaiian Power Fu**)

    * Showers: 1) Goddess Bathing (Shower together, aromatherapy soap) 2) Golden(pee) Shower or 3) Brown(skat) Shower ~Juliet gives all (see WaterWorks)

    * Skat: AKA poop or shit

    * Snowball: Cumming in another's mouth then deep french kissing (DFK) to share the cum with that person.

    * Strap On Dildo: object serving as a penis substitute for m/f insertion, Varying in size made to be strapped on male or female. Juliet gives and receives. mine vibrates too!

    * Swallows: BJ to completion in mouth then swallowing down the cum.

    * TTFN: TAH TAH For Now AKA BRB=Be Right Back Tigger term for have a Fantastic time til we talk again!

    * Water Sports or WaterWorks: pee & skat showers (see showers)

    * YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary---May do things with one person, but not with another OR your experience may be different than mine for a variety of reasons.

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    Originally posted by MississaugaBoy

    * DATY = Dining at the "Y": Also known as Cunnilingus (see definition above). Juliet enjoys let her now you want it!

    who is juliet?
    Live, LOVE, Laugh... cuz it's all GOOD

    THAT is what i'm talking about:

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    I learned this one from the Bangbus site:

    DS = Dirty Sanchez. You cum in her ass, insert your finger, and wipe it across her top lip like a moustache.

    I'm not sure who that's supposed to please.

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    PSE? Porn star effect or experience. Does this mean the girl looks like a pornstar or gives you the effect that you are a part of a porn ie BBBJTC and CIM

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    Originally posted by Spode
    PSE? Porn star effect or experience. Does this mean the girl looks like a pornstar or gives you the effect that you are a part of a porn ie BBBJTC and CIM
    Hello ;-)

    It refers more to the "nastiness" factor and the activity level of the SP.


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    More acronyms...

    I would also add these to the list:

    CP (clean plate: shaved pussy)
    DTBJ (deep throat BJ)
    DTCBJ (deep throat BJ with a cover)
    DTBBBJ (bare back deep throat BJ)
    DTBBBJTC (bare back deep throat BJ with completion deep in the throat)
    FW (foot worship)
    FJ (foot job)
    SOF (sat on face: face sitting)
    WAH (wild ass humping: intense anal sex)


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    what is shilling?

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    Wink Thanks

    Hey there, thanks fort the info. Can't keep saying "what does that mean," not good.
    Very much appreciated as was the Newbie's giude i've been visiting terb probably 2 years now and there was a lot of need to know info in there for me.
    Thanks again

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    Was just looking at and their list of abbreviations.

    COF = cum on face
    CIM = cum in mouth

    Saw CID in some posts, in context of a service offered by a SP, but don't know what it is.

    Are MSOG and SOG terms only used in Canada? They do seem to relate to hockey, and they're not on the wsgforum list. Service described on this site

    "Sex - As many times as you can within the booked time". MSOG is a euphemism, yet sounds more concise.
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    GILF = Granmother I'd like to [email protected]#%

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    "One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle."

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    I was at the last convention for "Short Forms & Abbreviations" that was held at the Toronto Convention Center. Now we haggled for three full days over these things and I never once heard anyone refer to CBJ as "Covered Blow Job".

    It is now and has always been "CONDOM Blow Job".

    Let's keep it straight people.

    Mileage may vary!

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    MuffinMuncher had posted a reply to the thread linked below. MMs reply is the last post of the thread where he adds another new definition to the lexicon.
    Last edited by horatio; 08-20-2004 at 11:31 AM.

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    "Post Menstral Dining At The Y" - there's ALWAYS some left overs available.

    The above was penned by RollingStone.
    (get out the cling 1st).

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    what's Digital penetration?

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    Originally posted by **********
    Fingers are inserted into mouth, ass or vagina
    Or nose.


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    Originally posted by **********
    digits means fingers
    as any dictionary will tell you. Don't think it's a l l code.

    What progress?

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    Originally posted by franktl

    You should probably add DP (Digital Penetration) as well.
    Is that opposed to Analog Penetration?

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    whats cbj???

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    what some dancers do in the back of the vip after haggling with the client for an agreed price


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