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Thread: The 5 Post Rule: Redux

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    Exclamation The 5 Post Rule: Redux

    There seems to be much angst about this new rule, namely:

    With immediate effect, members must maintain at least 5 posts per month for their accounts to be kept active.

    New accounts with zero posts will be deleted after 21 days.
    Allow me to way-lay some of your fears, make the rule a bit more clear, and explain the reasoning behind it.

    The above is a quick summary of the rule. In reality, Fred Zed has clarified things a bit in this thread, where he states:
    our experience many accounts with zero posts are abused as follows:
    • to send malicious gossip via PM
    • create problems in chat
    • send unsolicited spam
    • etc
    I can assure you that the rule won`t be applied rigidly. Accounts earmarked for deletion will be reviewed one at a time : any poster with a half decent posting history will not be in danger if losing their account even if they don`t meet their monthly `quota`. ( Look at 5 posts as a monthly average if you like ).

    As you have probably noticed, there are more lurkers at this site than there are posters. Part of the reason for the new rule is to encourage people to post and share information. Some people out there just need a bit of pressure and encouragement to post.
    I am sure many lurkers have interesting experiences to share. Since they benefit from board postings, they should consider giving something back. I did not say that lurkers should go away.
    I said they should consider ` de-lurking` themselves and being more active on the board.
    The vast majority of members will meet their monthly `quota` without even trying. Judging from the PMs/emails I am getting the rules are working. I have even noticed a few new posters here on the board as well.

    There is no reason to assume that people who de-lurk themselves are not capable of interesting and informative posts.

    As for out of towners, of course that will be taken into consideration. But they can always post a trip report once in a while.
    As for being notified, yes you will receive an email advising you that your account is about to be de-activated.
    So, in summary:

    - 5 posts a month is a small amount, really, and easily attainable

    - If you don`t make your "quota", it`s not an Auto-Delete-a-Handle-o-matic™, we`ll approach each case individually...

    - We would love to have more people posting and sharing reviews, as well as reading and using the info on this site

    Now, there is no magic program that will delete your handle if you haven`t posted 5 times in the last 30 days. We don`t want to see useless posts that say "post 1 of 5 for the month" - they`re simply not needed. There are a wide variety of threads in the Lounge. Throw a comment in there, on topic. Some very interesting conversations will ensue! Or, even better, post a review.

    Give back to the board that has given us so much.

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    Well, I guess it's curtains for me. For financial reasons I can't possibly manage 5 (meaningful) post per month and all of the reviews I've posted so far have been deleted because someone else jumped in and broke the rules. Back to lurkerdom for me.

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    Why, oxymoron? Because 5 posts cost so much?

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    Same here for me

    I see an SP about once every 2-3 months. Usually one that is well reviewed.

    I don't post here often since there is no point to re-reviewing.

    I now have a girlfriend that I won't be seeing an SP's again in the next while if things work out. (If I could review her the phone would be ringing off the hook :-)

    To make 5 posts on average a month has me posting stuff in here to make that up.

    Just my $0.02 (or $1.59 after tax)


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    IMHO, lately there have been more posts but I'm not sure that the overall quality of the posts has improved.

    There are about 9600 members on TERB, if they all posted five posts per month, you're going to get almost 50,000 posts per month, probably five to ten times the current volume. But then the volume of posts would be so high, people wouldn't bother to slog through that many posts and you'd lose readership.

    Strange as it may sound, it's very easy to forget to take account of the possibility that you might achieve total success, that all 9600 members will actually produce 5 posts per month. That would be a disaster for TERB, no one could read or filter 50,000 posts per month trying to find something of interest to read.

    To be honest, lately, I've been thinking about taking the TERB link out of the quick access folder in Mozilla because it's taking just a bit too long to scan through the new posts. It would be OK if the posts were interesting, but most of the posts would be like the ones I would write if I had to maintain a five post per month quota, they're kind of average and while very interesting to the poster, they're not necessarily interesting to anyone other than the author.

    One way to look at this problem is to divide up the poster population into groups.

    Before 5 post rule

    Below average posts: zero
    Average posts: zero
    Above average poster who isn't posting: zero
    Above average poster who is posting: >5

    After 5 post rule

    Below average posts: five
    Average posts: five
    Above average poster who isn't posting: ???
    Above average poster who is posting: >5

    So TERB will now likely get at least 10 additional below average to average posts. The number of above average posts will be static, the poster who is already posting good stuff won't be motivated to post more because of the new rule since he's probably already above the required threshold.

    So the question is, will the numbers of above average posts that currently aren't being posted be greater than the ten average to below average posts that will now appear?

    I don't know the answer to that question. For me, the early results of the rule change have been moderately negative, probably just negative enough to get me to stop reading TERB on a regular basis.

    I think the reason I feel that way is that scanning a bunch of new posts each day has become less slightly more costly in time each time I visit TERB. Before, it only took a minute or so to see what was new, now it takes several minutes. But the number of interesting posts really hasn't increased all that much, so I'm spending a bit more time each day to find roughly the same number of posts that interest me. I think I may have reached the point where the time spent searching for interesting posts is becoming too much compared to the value of what I find. As more average posts appear, the ratio of time spent per interesting post can only go up and eventually I'll stop reading TERB.

    Anyway, my $0.02 worth. Oh, sorry, I'm in charge of the new gun registry. That was actually $2,000,000,000.

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    The Infrequent Hobbiest

    This is my third post today (and of the three perhaps the most unnecessary) but having been semi-retired for six months (I was thinking about it but not doing it ), I'm glad I dropped by.

    For someone like myself who might see one SP a month at best, I could probably contribute one review and maybe a couple comments or questions.

    I don't think I should have to add mindless chatter.

    It would be nice to know that "low mileage" hobbiests like myself can keep our accounts active with one or two meaningful posts per month.
    As always, YMMV

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    Re: The 5 Post Rule: Redux


    Originally posted by Goober Mcfly
    - If you don't make your "quota", it's not an Auto-Delete-a-Handle-o-matic™, we'll approach each case individually...
    So, if you are contributing even a few meaningful reviews and meaningful viewpoints, you have absolutely no reason to worry.

    I think Fred would be more likely to purge those posters with many mindless posts than those with very few honest ones.


    Fred, don't delete me please.....

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    Thumbs down


    Although I think that I understand the logic behind the 5 post/month rule, I still feel the rule is stupid. Here's why..I am in the same boat of some posters in this thread. I do not post unless the info that I have is of value to the group. Also being disabled makes the hobby different for me than it is for most of you which also limits my # of posts.

    I don't see a rule for posters who post too much.

    Goob to quote you, you said. "'s not an Auto-Delete-a-Handle-o-matic™, we'll approach each case individually...". If that's true, why have the rule in the first place? Why not just approach each case individually?

    Fred shouldn't have started multiple accounts in the first place.

    My 2 cents

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    This can be a problem for me. I am an active member of in Pittsburgh,PA us with the same handle. I work as a consultant and will be traveling periodically to Toronto and thought I would use this sight for good info. I browsed Toronto but there was negligable activity. I can only post a review when I begin to visit next month and I will not be seeing 5 providers to review on the visits.
    Can someone recommend another site for me.
    Thank you

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    Tony: Multiple handles have never been allowed. This is just the crack-down many people have been looking for. Consider this rule as the notice that those handles which aren't contributing may be deleted. If we just went ahead and started purging accounts, we'd be lambasted for giving no warning.

    twarag: There really is no need to search out another site. As Fred Zed stated: "As for out of towners, of course that will be taken into consideration. But they can always post a trip report once in a while."

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    Goob-- then ur defining contributing is. I guess fred has that right. 5 posts a month is high for some thats all

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    5 posts

    I will be more diligent about posting when I have something value-add to say. But I don't have the money to make 5 visits a month and I don't want to waste people's time with repeat info, or petty stuff, etc. I am not wealthy and able to make frequent visits, nor is my ego served by writing here about visits, etc. so my contributions might be relatively few. However, I do think this is a useful tool and needs good, informative postings.

    As a thought, maybe a review section for the online dating sites, like Lavalife. Something that identifies good profiles on those sites, whether SP's or just horny single of attached women. There are quite a few, some are really hot and for me it's been a useful place to find some fun, particualrly when money is an issue.

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    I think some people may be confusing the term "Posts" with "Reviews". In no way does TERB require 5 REVIEWS per month.

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    Cool Gooober If only i could afford 5 reviews per month

    my gawd I would have died and gone to the heavenly TERB
    Hoping to find a cockwatcher not a clockwatcher

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    Talking Five Posts? Yikes, I May Disappear!

    I gather the requirement is for Five Posts - not necessariliy Five Reviews. Due to the nature of my business, I'm an "On & Off" Hobbyist -get into a Work Blitz -get it Done - then Hobby my Ass Off! So I just found out about this "Five to Stay Alive" thing...

    I agree with the recommendation that mindless drivel should not count as valid posts, also "Flame Wars" are negative. Sooo...I Do owe several Reviews to the Fellowship from my latest Summer R&R Session. Will post them shortly -TIME is the problem.

    Fred & ********** -I had the pleasure of meeting you both @ the last TERB "Do" -out @ Treasures near the Airport. I found it to be an excellent "Trade Show" -any coming up Downtown this Fall?

    At that Party I complimented you both on your huge contribution to the wellbeing of MANkind!! Keep up the GOOD WORK & who was the knockout blonde bartender who Dissed SubDave into the ground -inquiring minds want to KNOW!!

    Dr. F

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    When can I go back to Footopia?

    Talking Re: Five Posts? Yikes, I May Disappear!

    Originally posted by Dr. Faust
    ... who was the knockout blonde bartender who Dissed SubDave into the ground -inquiring minds want to KNOW!!

    Your a bad Doctor !!!! You set me up for getting dissed by her!!!! grrrrrrrrrr .........

    BTW, her name is Beverly ... and she is most definitely a TERB member, or at least reads TERB or else she wouldn't of known "the issue" ....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    Thanks for clearing that up goober. I was supposed to come up this week from here in massachusetts but things did not pan out hopefully I'll be there to visit my favorite non-american city in about a week or so. Until then best of luck and I'll keep you all inforned.

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    Goober, is this your hockey wins, four losses, two ties, and one overtime loss? GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ---Dr. Moe
    DARE to keep kids off Ritalin!

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    The 5 Post Rule: Redux

    As an out of towner, who will be coming to town occassioally on business, I'll post a trip report whenever I'm in town. Hope that it's often enough to remain a member. I'm a member of TER in So Cal, looking forward to my first trip this week to Toronto.

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    Originally posted by grayowl
    it just sucks
    2 months since the threads last post

    why now???

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    I am a completely ignorant newbie here who wanted to do some research.
    Anything I post with respect to the main business at hand (not this thread) will, at best, make the useful information harder to find.
    If a whole lot of lurkers make crappy posts, the useful information will get buried in noise and the board would be useless.
    Why would anyone encourage me to post when I have nothing useful to post?
    Just because many of the informative posters to date have been very good doesn't mean that encouraging the silent ones to post will result in anything useful.
    Track me long enough and you will see.

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    Join the fun jaffa, you won't be out of place.

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    Long lapses between logins

    My likely pattern of useage of this board would be frequent logins for a short time up to a few weeks, and then many weeks or months of inactivity as work, hobby, illness or other requires. That is just my personality.
    That means that by the time I get back, my login would be deleted and I would have to create a new one (or the same one) but I would be unable to post.
    This means that instead of posting relatively infrequently, I would be a perpetual lurker, never having permission to post (since every-time I login I would login as a new unauthenticated user).
    Therefore, the final result of this policy would be to prevent me from ever posting, even when I have something useful to contribute. (which I do not have at this point in time).

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