Howdy. And welcome to that wonderful, other-worldly place known as the Toronto Escort Review Board (TERB)!

There have been a number of requests to have a "Newbie's Guide" put up, and it seems as if I have been delegated to do so. Therefore, here it is!

Once you have registered to post, you become a TERBite. Try not to walk up to perfect strangers on the street and say "I'm a TERBite!" This usually illicits a look of shock, and women tend to move their children a little closer while backing slowly away from you. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT! We are a chosen few, who obviously have more societal know-how than Joe Public.

Now, after cruising the boards and reading the postings/reviews, I'm sure you have a few questions. I'll try to answer some pre-emptively here.

If you have any others, post them here! Dammit, we're approachable!