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Thread: Victoria Jolie Review

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    Victoria Jolie Review

    I feel it is my duty to share my experience (in quick form) with Victoria Jolie. I've seen reviews on other boards but few here. I just got back from seeing her and I can say wow what a lady. Not only is she hot but she has a great body and has an extensive menu. I wanted to be polite and asked if she did cof and she said did you see the reviews and her website. Pretty much the only limitations is what is on her site and anything else goes.

    She is well travelled and awesome to talk to, just like a girlfriend. I won't go into too much detail on what we did but msog was avail which I couldn't do unfortunately but man did we try, and cim/cof (sorry Victoria that I had a lot).

    Her rate is listed on the site with a discount to terb members. I have no issues with the price since I don't hobby often so i have fewer expenses than regular hobbiest.

    F - 9
    B - 9
    S - 10
    A - 10

    All in all terb rate plus tip = great time

    Thanks Victoria. BTW if you read this, I decided to eat leftover fried rice...pretty boring EH!

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    Just wanted to add that Victoria Jolie is extremely easy to deal with. She will respond to your requests immediatley, and booking with her is an easy process. She is very professional and courteous! I wish more women were this organized! Victoria, please come back to Toronto as many times as you want!
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