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Book of the New Left: Gender ideology or cultural subversion

by Agustín Laje Arrigoni (Author), Nicolás Márquez (Author), Roxana Bergonzi (Illustrator), Alexander Trujillo (Editor), Leandro Gabrielli (Translator), Dinko Zambrano (Translator)

Gender ideology is a group of anti-scientific ideas, which through authoritarian political purposes, uproot the nature of human sexuality and explain it exclusively according to the culture.
The Black Book of the New Left reveals the intimate political and intellectual connection between the new lefts and the gender ideology, with which it was able to survive the successive failures of the 20th Century.
Under the historical reality of advanced capitalism, and with a worker more concerned and occupied in changing cars than in making the revolution, the left needed a radical update without which they were condemned to perish in history museums.

This way, its fixation by the economic structure gave way to new strategies oriented to the ideological superstructure; the revolution of classes, once materialist, became a cultural revolution; new discourses, new flags and, above all, new subjects, emerged as a constituent part of the fight of the new lefts.

Where yesterday the left sought to recruit workers in factories or peasants in rural areas, today it prefers (conveniently) to recruit new supporters in feminist circles, LGBT marches or abortion movements. Where yesterday the worker was told that he was being "exploited" by the employer because of the "capitalist system", today the woman is told that she is being "oppressed" by the man because of the "patriarchal system", while the homosexual is also told that he is being "oppressed" by the "heterosexual" because of the "heteronormative system".

The logic persists; the makeup is renewed. The virtue of The Black Book of the New Left, as a political science investigation, consists in breaking down the new masks in order to achieve an effective and politically incorrect criticism against the totalitarian fashion of the genre, finding not only its intellectual origins in the left, but showing also how this new ideology that politically instrumentalizes sexual matters, cannot survive without state authoritarianism.
The Black Book of the New Left is considered the most important book ever written against gender ideology in Spanish. Published in more than a dozen countries, and having headed Amazon International political science sales rankings for more than two years, today we make it available to the English-speaking public.
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