The Black Bass Confessions

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I called myself Dbass34 (banned), DarkVador (banned) and Tigerflex5.

I wish it will never stop...

In the last 20 years, I met a lot of providers. They were great, they were who they were, they were the way they were... fun, nice, great, beautiful, fantastic. For the time of one hour, each made me feel good... for the time of one hour, each took me out of my crazy world... for the time of one hour, each provided me a Girlfriend Experience,... for the time of that one hour, each of them was my temporary girlfriend.

I appreciated each session with those fantastic ladies, but I know it won't last for ever and soon or later, time to move on will be there.

I used to love those girlfriend experience (GFE):

A "provider" that provides genuine intimacy as well as sexual services making the "client" feel as if he is with a partner not a pro. Including but not limited to:
- Oral sex without cover (when with a SP);
- Long and deep kissing;
- Lots of eye contact`
- Cuddling;
- Intimate conversation;
- The desire to please, etc.

DFK, chemistry, sensuality must be in effect to considerate this gem as a GFE, for the Black Bass.

I confess, in the last few years, I was lucky to meet with a number of them with whom I shared a fantastic connection. For many, I saw them multiple times but for a few of them, I was not able to repeat and ended up (with regrets) with an one-time experience, but a memorable one.

Here are what I have to say about some of my temporary girlfriends... We had a lot of fun together, chemistry was at rendez-vous between us. I enjoyed every single session with each of them and sincerly believe that they appreciated me. In the comments section, I will migrate (from Dbass34) and add some of my favorites reviews and most memorable experiences. Please enjoy. Here are my first confessions :

- Jessie Brown (Independant, retired);
- Mariah Everly (CMJ & Independant;
- Adorable Ashley (Independant);
- Sophie (International traveller's provider, Independant);
- Sugar (Brass Club, retired);
- Elle (Brass Club);
- Nikki Luxx (Independant);
- Sweet Jenny (Kingston);
- Jessy Celeste (Independant)

The Black Bass

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