Kingsley at CMJ

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Twitter: @KINGSLEYxo

I’d first noticed Kingsley when she was working Paradise Spa as Cassie King. I explored her Twitter page, and definitely enjoyed her cute and sexy photos. I started following her, and noticed In addition to her hot little body, I found myself drawn to the glimpses of her kind and compassionate personality. Unfortunately, our schedules just never seems to align. Finally after she moved to CMJ, we managed to connect.

I was freshly showered when Kingsley entered the room wearing a sexy matching grey bra and thong. She is a petite and pretty girl, with sweet smile that matches her personality. She greeted me with a hug and soft kiss on the lips before we lay down together and talked for a while just getting to know each other. Kingsley snuggled up to me warming her cold hands and feet on me. I really liked that, totally GFE! As she warmed up, our kisses became more sensual, and our hands explored each other’s bodies. Her breasts are wonderful C cups that look just right on her tiny body, and oh my they feel just right too. As I fondled, kissed, and gently sucked her sensitive nipples Kingsley responded with low moans of encouragement. Her clean shaven kitty was moist, warm, and inviting to my touch.

When I requested some manual 69 play, Kingsley grinned and obliged. Her tiny ass looked fantastic, and the soft glistening folds between her thighs looked even better! She moaned and writhed as I pleasured her. I thrived on her feedback, and varied my touch in time with her rhythm. I felt her body slowly fill with energy, until she moaned, and tensed, as I heard a sweet sounding “Fuuuck yes…”. As Kingsley relaxed with a sigh, she looked back at me with an approving smile, and came back up beside me for more kisses. Fucking awesome!

Slowly, Kingsley climbed on top of me, grinning mischievously as she moved down to where she could sit on me and still be able to massage me effectively. She smiled as she worked, maintaining eye contact, and moving in sync with rhythms of my body. Kingsley’s gently bouncing breasts and genuine smile complimented her massage skills so fucking good. Her beautiful smile and affectionate expressions made me feel like we were alone in the world, and she was here only for me. I’m already feeling fucking amazing, and then Kingsley leaned forward to sensually kiss me as she worked. So fucking good! Her kisses were soft and sensual, ramping up the physical and emotional intensity building within me. She kissed and worked with increasing passion until my body tensed before releasing multiple waves of energy. Fuuuck! Kingsley was so good! When I opened my eyes I was rewarded with the sight of Kingsley’s heartwarming smile. As I relaxed, I realized my clenching hands had gathered up so much of the massage table cloth that my fingers were buried knuckle deep in white linen. With another kiss, I whispered to Kingsley that she was fucking awesome! She laughed at that, and then moved back up to snuggle beside me. We talked, kissed, and fondled a little more until our time came to an end.

Kingsley provided me with an exceptional physical and emotional experience. Our time together felt so genuine, that I needed several days before I was able to recover some sense of objectivity. Even now, I’m still longing for another session with her, and catch myself daydreaming of Kingsley kissing me as my body warms her cold hands and feet.
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