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    Tall leggy and smoking hot VIP companion call me for an unforgettable experience! Available tonight and all week until 1am . ��
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    Name - Jessica Rabbit, Sexy Polish Vixen
    Number - 416-880-4658
    Link -
    Location - Mississauga
    Rate - 160 HH
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    Confession of the Black Bass : The day I met Sophie - 613-701-4538

    I first saw Sophie's ad in the middle of February 2018 ( but nothing really came out of my question. However, Timmy0427 had a hit on a pic of her in an European's website. Of course, it did turned me off, believing that it was a fake ads.

    Then, jay_j took a chance and went to see her (, TOFTT. When he reported positively, I said "Yes, let's try it..."

    Contact with Sophie was easy, she replied immediately to my texts. We set an appointment for 2 days later. I went there, a Downtown Hotel. She opened the door, NICE, she is definitively the girl of the pics. She’s attractive, she’s hot, perfect body, just like I love it.

    Quality of the service was very good: 69, daty, cbj, hj, fs, doggy, mish, cob, I enjoyed every moments of it. Boobs were hard and fun to play with, probably enhanced DD, but it’s tough to say, however, I don’t care; fun is all matter at this point.

    She performed cbj. Important to say that I usually don't waist time with cbj cause I don't like it and I lose it as soon as the girl put the cover on. When a girl want to do it that way, I respect it, but it doesn't turn me on, so I usually work out to change position asap and move to another act. But this time with Sophie, wow... it was so good... unreal for me because it was the first time a girl makes me stay hard on a cbj.

    Only one little problem, I kind of felt rush out, at one point when she said that she had another customer coming. But she let me finish and, once done, I cleaned fast and left. If ever she comes back, I will watch that aspect.

    This girl was from Martinique, she was a traveler and was in Canada only for a short stay. That is the reason why we found her pics on an European’s website ( but the link doesn't work anymore. That was her on that website. Can’t tell if she will be back in Canada or not one day, but I was hoping so, for a long time. I asked her, but she told me that she didn't know. At the time, she was on her way to Montreal, the next day and couldn't say much more (or didn't want to say, I don't know). If she ever comes back around here, I would' ve repeat for sure if I wasn't retiring from hobby. She is the type of girl who could've be my regular. She reminded me one of my old girlfriends, who happen to be from Martinique too – these girls are dangerous...

    If she comes back, go see her, guys.

    Sophie was really fun with me and highly desearve to sit at the #5 spot (SP list) of "The Black Bass deepest confessions".

    The Black Bass
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    Reproducing my old review of this incredible lady. She is nothing less than the best SP I ever met.

    A Black Bass confession: The Adorable book of Ashley

    During the 2017 fall, I was fortunate to meet Adorable Ashley approx. 7-8 times. The least that I can say is that it was a fantastic experience. Ashley is a nice little spinner, beautiful inside and outside, very pleasant to be with, very friendly. For me, she is the perfect GND because she is so "Adorable"!

    On a rainy boring evening, I accidently ended up on her ad on BP. WOW!!! It was like I had been hit by a truck : immediately, I was intrigued by her beauty. She has some incredible pair of eyes that you can't ignore. Now, looking at her ad, I followed the link to her website. "About me", "Pictures", "FAQ", everything is there (I like when everything are clear), a bit pricy for what I was generally spending at the time, but hey, once in a while... if she worth it, why not. And she mentioned that she had been review on Lyla. So I started to look for more info about her.

    A few days later, I discover the El Kabong Report ( and noticed that Ashley was at a very good spot, just after Jessie Celeste. Funny thing is that just a few days before discovering the El Kabong Report, I was with Jessie and had one of my hottest sessions ever. So you bet that "Mini-me" was getting excited.

    During the following days/weeks, I found more threats about Ashley and spend a lot of time reading them. I was constantly coming back, from time to time, to get to see how she can be a fit for me. I went back to read things of her when she was called Adorable Chloe and Adorable Alicia a few years ago. I saw all the good things and also the things that were not nice said about her. Somehow, I felt that I had some sympathies for her and wanted to know her. I must say, sometimes, I was reading things but I felt that certain comments were kind of unfair by some people. So, I decided to make my own opinion; it is the best decision I made, since I started that parallel life! Everything positive I read are truth, all those great experiences that others had reported are facts! Positively, this captivating lady is from another dimension.

    On our first meeting, Ashley welcomed me in her nice apartment, good neighborhood in the east-end. Location was easy to access, feel secure. She was wearing a very sexy green outfit and was 100% more beautiful than any of her photos on her website. Place is beautiful, clean, nice atmosphere that she surrounded with candles and soft agreable music. As soon as I walked in, we hugged and exchanged a very long and passionate kiss, just like two recently married, who are still on honeymoon. She was waiting for me with plate of fruits and made everything for me to be comfortable. All little details were taking care, I could feel that she wanted to please, she treated me like a King. After a few talks about everything and nothing, we began our first session.

    Ashley is pleasant to be with, great personality, not shy at all, she knows her stuff and she loves it. Gifted with beautiful eyes, she kept eyes contact with me, at all the time, drove by a disarming smile... to die for! As I will keep details for her and me, I can say that our time was intense and I will never forget that day. She is a fantastic kisser, which is extremely important for me..., she played on me as she already knew exactly where to provoke a reaction. An excellent Friday evening spent with her, an amazing GFE. It was one of my best session with a provider.

    Did I said that she was fantastic??? No, I said "it was a fantastic experience...". Now, I can assure to everybody that Adorable Ashley is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.!!!

    Since that first meeting, I had approximately 7 or 8 other sessions with her between September and December 2017. When I was with her, the first time, we booked right away another session for the week... what else can I say? The third session we had together is, by far, the most intense session I ever had in my life, beating my previous #1 ultimate session with a girl called Jenny, that I saw on a business trip in Kingston, back in 2011 - I swear, that session was something.

    In December 2017, because Jessy Brown and Gina both came out of retirement, I stoped seeing Ashley. I went to see her again, once during the 2018 fall. Another memorable evening with her...

    I confess: in another life, I would've fall in love with this lovely lady.

    Thank you Ashley for your sensational time, for taking me away from my crazy world and simply for being the way you are. I wish it would never stop! Good luck.

    Adorable Ashley is #1 of the Sp section of "The Black Bass deepest confessions".

    The Black Bass
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    A Black Bass Confession : Mariah Everly, beautiful, sensual with a spectacular smile!

    One day, late last November, I was quietly browsing on Twitter...

    As I was browsing, I ended on a CMJ’s post saying “And I’m ...back”. A picture with a spectacular smiling face was shown. Woauow... that's a nice smile.

    But... "I'm ...back"??? Who the hell is that smiley girl on the pic to say "I'm ...back"?

    I look at the CMJ’s website pretty often. Strange... I never notice that girl before, never heard about her before, I don’t think that I ever consult her profile before. But, ok, I don’t know everything, she's coming back, that's cool!

    Something intrigued me... her smile! Her smile on that photo was incredibly nice and beautiful; it looked passionate, sincere, intense... I'm not sure how to describe it, the proper word is hiding somewhere inside of me... but for sure, right away I was attracted to that smile and told myself “Let’s keep an eye on that smile”. A few days later, Mariah's name appeared on CMJ’s schedule, I booked her immediately.

    That day...
    I arrived at CMJ... hmmm oh non!!! My mind start going crazy... the two previous sessions that I had were disaster in all points... "What if she is not what I expect?" "What if it turns to another “Hit and Miss”?" "She could be nice but what if we don’t click?" "It's probably not gonna go well... I'm going to loose my money again" “I should leave before it's too late... oh no, I can't leave, I'm gonna look like a fool... I'm trap... I’m trap here in CMJ”... Oh oh... oh non, someone knocks at the door... someone comes in... I look at her, she's smiling... that smile... fuck... it’s the smile... that's the smile of the photo... WOUAHHHH... just WOOOOW!!! the smile is for real... that smile is sincere... But, hey wait... hey... all around that smile, there is more... there is a face... that face is hot... Mannnnn, THAT GIRL IS FUCKING HOT!

    OKEYYYY... OOOKEYYYY wouaw, just wouaw... entering in the room, here comes a hot and beautiful lady and yes, her smile is real and fantastic. She comes to me, welcomes me with a big hug and warm kiss, right away... yesss, I like that... that’s the introduction of a true GFE! A few talk, a few more little kisses and here we are DFK... She loves to kiss (me too). Few compliments right/left as she’s undressing me, YESSSS, I love when a girl undress me, another plus for the real GFE. We keep smiling at each other, kissing with passion. It is going really well, everything is in the right direction.

    She's extremely sensual and affectionate. Tone of sexy latina moves, dancing in my arms. I love to play with her long, beautiful and dark hair. Intensité, sensualité, enlassades érotiques, plaisirs charnelles. Kissing, she’s good at it, just like a perfect girlfriend. After a few minutes, she softly said “let’s move to the shower”, “Sure”... That shower was intense, a continuation of how we met, then we moved to the massage table. I lay down on my stomach but I couldn’t wait for the flip which happen very fast, I could tell that she wanted to continue the kissing. Well, let's do it again with a lot of kissing, adding body slide.

    We stayed under MA’s limits but oufffff... it was a very intense session for a first meeting. 45 min was not enough... why did I took only 45 min, anyway??? She was on the schedule for the following Friday, so I booked her right away. 1 hour, she took care of everything, she seems happy that I wanted to see her again. We kissed goodbye, see you in a few days.

    The meeting # 2, we start back exactly where we were 4 days earlier with immediate kissing, undress, shower and blablabla... We moved to the massage table, I didn’t stay face down more than 5 minutes cause we wanted to kiss each other again. Another perfect session with this fantastic girl. Further details will remain between me and her. Wouaw, just wouaw! Definitively, she brought the definition of GFE to another level, I don’t remember such intensity in previous MA experiences.

    I usually take a session once per month, rarely twice however it is the very first time that I saw a girl twice in the same week. But, the story didn't end here... I booked her again... and again... and again. I saw her multiple times just in the month of December. I became a "Mariah addict". My final session of 2018 was with her and I was her last client of the year. All sessions were pretty much the same experiences over and over, no extra details to add, but we spend time together, enjoying ourselves. We always stayed under MA's limits. But she is incredible, fun to be with, we had good conversations together. Last client of 2018 and also her first client of 2019! Doesn’t mean anything really, but in the back of my mind it’s kind of “seal the deal” about that girl.

    And then at the end of January, she decided to move out of CMJ to work as an Indy MA. Well, I follow her!

    Mariah Everly hosts now in a very nice location, in Ottawa. Then again, I made sure to be her first client there and I went to see her a few time. Our sessions continued to be very intense, outstanding and fun. Until our last session she remained strictly under MA’s limits with me but the chemistry and the connection we had was fantastic.

    She's a great MA. I wish her all the best. Thank you Mariah for all the great time we had together.

    I confess: I wish I would’ve met her in real life... Yes, she had everything for me to fall in love with her.

    Mariah Everly is sitting at #3 (MA list) of the Black Bass deepest confessions.

    The Black Bass
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    A Black Bass Confession: The Jessie Brown experience

    Jessie Brown is the first MA I met outside a spa. I first met her during the summer 2014 and saw her until 2018; to this day, I can’t count the number of time that I saw her... multiple times. She was awesome. In terms of massage skills, she is probably the best RTM provider that I ever met, that include the non-providers ones. She knew her stuff, she was good at it and each time I left her place with an awesome sensation. In term of personality, she was easy going; she was nice and pleasant to be with. We spent time talking after sessions, extending our time together just because we both enjoyed our mutual conversation. Believe me, for me she was a perfect GND, just like I love them.

    Jessie welcomed me in her location, in Hull. The place was nice, clean easy to find. She was walking me to her massage room and was taking care of the rest. As soon as I walked in her location, desire, complicity, chemistry and fun between the two of us merge. As we were moving to the massage table, she was giving a firm but relaxing and pleasant massage. She always found some muscles blocked somewhere, she worked on it, doing whatever needed to release the pain. I remember, my second session ever with her, I told her about a neck injury I had 3 years before, still hurting: she worked on it so well, I came back 3 times in the following 3 weeks, for her to work on it... no more injury today.

    I saw her multiple time, but at the end I wasn't seeing her for her massage skills anymore, I was seeing her just because we were having fun together. She is a sexy ebony MA, with nice curves, she is hot and she is attractive. She used to be a little spinner, but she is not “little” anymore, just normal size and all proportions for a 5’5/5'6 lady, athletic body. She has Men made (DD-Cup) and they are fantastic to play with; an ass to die for, all curves at the right place.

    Just be care full, for those who love all the acronyms, at first she is was a MA. She has a good attitude but command respect; she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She will provide SP’s services to you if she wants, but has a lot of restrictions; she is not for everybody. She can be wild if you pest her off. Make sure you know where you going. She delivers an excellent service and deserves to be treat right. As far as I’m concern, I never had any issues with her, I've always respected her boundaries. As I already said, she is fun, nice, attractive, easy going, she knows her stuff.

    I think she retired now. I know she tried a few time, came back for a bit and left again. I tried to contact her last fall, unsuccessfully but now that I'm done, the best I can do is to wish her all the best.

    Thank you Jessie, good luck in your future.

    Jessie Brown is the # 2 (MA list) and # 6 (SP list) of the Black Bass Deepest confessions.

    The Black Bass
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