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  1. Let me introduce myself!

    I am new to TERB and am enjoying getting to know a few people here. I have a much fuller blog on my website at under the tab My Secret Diary. I thought I would start posting some of those entries here, too, for those who do not yet go to my website. I hope you enjoy them!

    Who Am I?

    February 2013
    This is my first year in the sex industry, and I am often asked by clients how I happened to enter the field at this stage of life. (40+) To ...

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    My Secret Diary
  2. NEW Kendra @ Zanzibar

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    I just started there most days of the week- afternoon starts till eve. Hope we can relax in the VIP together!!

    I can't contain my sexuality, it's who I am. Feel free to shoot me a txt to see what my schedule's looking like~ I love going on stage for you also

  3. Sayaka Isoyama 磯山さやか 1 - Pink Metallic Bikini

    by , 10-25-2013 at 09:48 AM (Sleeveless, Tank top and sexy clothes)
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  4. Cho Hye Eun in blue tube top