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  1. Iris HPL

    Looks. 9
    Service. 9.5
  2. My deepest confessions


    I confess... I just love it! I am what I am! Like it or not!

    I was, I am, I will,... always be! I can't help it, I can't stop it, I have to confess... at the end of the day, I will not stop it! I'm having too much fun with it.

    They are the way they are... fun, nice, great, beautiful, fantastic. Temporarily, they make me feel good... temporarily, they take me out of my crazy world... temporarily, they are my girlfriends.

    Sometime just for ...

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  3. AVERY GOLD your tall brunette french Dreamgirl ,DOWNTOWN TORONTO

    Quote Originally Posted by AveryGold View Post

    Hello Gentleman, my name is Avery Gold. I stand at 5'7 with memorizing dark eyes that match my sexy dark hair. My long toned legs compliment perfectly my hourglass figure. If your looking for the sugary innocence with a little spice underneath, look no further I'm your Girl Next Door!!Well rounded and mature beyond my years. I am currently studying in college, love to travel, always open minded to try new things, passionate and intelligent.
  4. Madison SFT

    Looks. 10 hot
    Service. 9 LFK
  5. .•'΄❤`'•. HOT Zone! ;) ❤ Let’s Warm up! ❤ NEW Porsha + NEW Scarlett MONDAY :) .•'΄❤`'

    Quote Originally Posted by Ambition Spa View Post
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