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  1. giant naturals

    Quote Originally Posted by Shallow Throat View Post
    I will add that the photos are softened a bit but she definitely has the voluptuous hour glass figure.
    She also wore these really big fake eyelashes which seem totally unnecessary.
    Whats The rates? Tips?
  2. My Weekend with Payton @ Toronto Passions (02/21-23/2020)

    I would have to say my encounters with Payton have been interesting so far. Our first encounter, we had just landed up only talking for 2 hrs as we had lost track of time during our session. Payton is full of interesting stories and we share quite a few interesting things in common. The next time we met was on Valentine’s Day. It was probably the best Valentine’s Day that I ever had with anyone. Although, I was unable to get the Jacuzzi suite that I had wanted for the weekend. Payton was such a ...
  3. Great experience Jessica 416 880 4658

    Hello I am new on TERB so please go easy on me. All I want is to share my wonderful experience with the beautiful Jessica Rabbit

    I met her at the beginning of December, booking an appointment with her was super simple and quick (I was shocked) although I didn’t find she was really friendly in texts, but in person she was a sweetheart.

    I booked a HALFHOUR session with her and It was AMAZING. She was really patient with me, as it was my first time meeting a provider ...
  4. Canela 4906 toftt

    Not too long ago went: but left in 3mins.
    I always sit and try to connect and read the person.
    Clearly a narcissistic personality, looking into the mirror while talking.
    21 photos of herself in a more like likely same preferred position.
    She works out.
    Not surprised to read these comments.

    Still looking for the gem.
    Thank you man to take it for the team.
  5. ♡★ Absolutely Amazing ☯ Monday Massage ;) ★♡

    Quote Originally Posted by Ambition Spa View Post
    Hello Everyone
    Welcome to AMBITION SPA, the most sophisticated and upscale massage studio
    Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo,
    Guelph, Brantford, Milton and surrounding areas has to offer.
    $10 OFF of ANY Session ANYTIME With Featured Attendants!☆❤
    $40 OFF on 4 Hand Massage!

    CALL us or Visit for availability!

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