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  1. 12 Days of Fabulous Pics for Christmas

    So for the next 12 days I will be revealing a new picture for my 12 days of Fabulousness for Christmas to help you horny men get into the Xmas spirit before your mad shopping dash on Xmas eve. LOL

    Enjoy and remember, you need to go to my site to see the full image. Click the pic!

    Click here for all the pics

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  2. Jessica Rain: "real and off the charts"

    Another wonderful review.

    Quote Originally Posted by bucky88 View Post
    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jessica for the first time. The booking process was easy and pleasant.

    Based on her extensive posting history on terb, much can be said about Jessica. She is well known for eloquently and forcefully speaking her mind. One constant about Jessica, both in and outside of the bedroom, is her authenticity. During our time together, her every sexual response was real and sometimes off the charts. She certainly
  3. Fantasy becomes reality

    Another wonderful review by a wonderful client
    Quote Originally Posted by martycan View Post
    Finally had the opportunity to meet the one and only Jessica Rain.
    We have been having a back and forth for a while and finally we were able to set up a mutual
    convenient time to meet. Set up was very easy, address given, upon arrival received exact location, no waiting at all.

    The moment you walk into the front entrance a vision of beauty is upon you. Dressed as requested in a very revealing outfit
    that left
  4. A girl named Fantasy - An Erotic Tail by Jessica Rain

    If you want visuals as well with the story, view here A girl named Fantasy. If not, enjoy the story below.

    Our journey this month starts off in a Strip club. Where? I do not know. How did I get there? That I donít know either. Do I care? Nope, not at all.

    As I take a look around the club, I see many beautiful women of all races, and more importantly, different breast sizes. So as I walk around to get a good look at where I am and all the wonderful women around ...
    Erotic Stories
  5. Fabulous Full Figured Fun but I must apologize, I have been falsely advertising....

    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica Rain View Post
    Hello gentlemen,

    Please allow me to apologize now. I have been advertising my breast size as a 44DDD cup. I recently went to a bra fitting. I have lost some considerable weight and wanted a new fitting. Well turns out I am not a 44 anymore. I figured with the weight loss. So I am now a 36. However, I am not a DDD either. I, like many other women, have been wearing the wrong size for years now. I am actually a J cup. As in J for big fucking JUGS!

    So hopefully you can
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