Samantha Jones

  1. A day in the life of

    A new friend keeps asking me what my days are like, so I was writing ideas down for a vlog and thought would share as a blog.

    Wake up.. shower, check 411, ter and fb/ twitter all social medias

    Updates, view likes & notifications/ emails... breakfast & coffee

    (gym) before make up, or post and start day

    Lunch rush apts, or if not then will try again later and enjoy my free time ..
    (usually with more social ...
  2. T.O mini tour

    Visiting this weekend 22/23, just waiting for ad payment to be accepted so I can start posting ... pm me if interested ~
  3. Taking a break

    Going back to dancing for a while but hit me up if you want to see me before I move~
  4. The rumours are true...

    I'm back to being a red headed vixen- just like when I first started!!

    Come check me out on flirt for free, with enough free credits to start for a FREE show ...
  5. I seriously hate half hour apts..

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