View Full Version : Janice - exotic dancer

09-21-2001, 12:04 AM
Hi everyone,

I haven't really been around but I thought I'd take a few minutes and describe a pretty boring experience I had about a week ago.
Thought I'd try something different and went to an independent named Janice. I think it was listed as an exotic dancer but it was pretty much just a nude massage in a private apartment (downtown). Pretty unenthusiastic massage. Just light rubbing here and there. Finish was not bad though. She's probably in her mid to late 20's. About 5'9. Long reddish/brown hair. Very skinny - probably around an A/B cup. She has the hippie look to her if that's what you're into. Pretty low milage though. But, for $50 it wasn't that bad but I doubt I'll repeat.

PM me for any other details!