View Full Version : Grandmother Turismo 5 & different activities postponed because of PS3 hacks

10-19-2010, 01:56 AM
The envisioned launch regarding Gran Turismo 5 for any Sony Ps3 won't occur as originally scheduled on November 2nd. Early November launch was optimal for the holiday shopping season, although the game developers still anticipate to launch the title over time for Christmas.The overall game title missed its production window by three days, and an SDK firmware update also led to the sport being delayed — but the latest setback should only be temporary.

Unconfirmed studies indicate the GT5 let go delay relates to piracy. Sony has mandated the necessity that every PS3 games with post-October launch dates are finalized while using PS3 firmware 3.50 SDK libraries. Sony wants to try to prevent PS3 owners might just have used the ps3 hacked (http://www.r4king.com/ps3-hacks.html) and other alike hacks from with the ability to play backed up or pirated versions of recent games.“We sincerely apologize to GT fans towards the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi as well as team at Polyphony Digital should make certain they are just plain creating the right racing experience, and then we are confident until this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches,” Sony confirmed from a PlayStation Short article.Video game piracy is a major problem among PC and console game developers, with cracked games still available. However, the PSJailbreak’s launch helped force Sony correct tight corner, though the japanese electronics giant quickly dealt with the ps3 hacks (http://www.r4king.com/ps3-hacks.html) using court orders and firmware updates.There is certainly already concern GT5 becomes the console version of Duke Nukem Forever, mainly because the online game is delayed on several occasions. Assuming the delay is a bit more relevant to anti-piracy than gameplay issues, then GT5 are going to be released and should still be favorite among PS3 gamers. Some PS3 gamers expect the title to sell around 10-11 million copies globally after launch — assuming the overall game won’t be delayed to much time past its expected November 2nd launch date.Requiring the new firmwares playing new ps3 hack (http://www.r4king.com/ps3-hacks.html) games really puts modders in a very tight spot. They could work to achieve their old firmware and continue on using their backup and homebrew functionality without having player newer PS3 titles, or they will update their firmware and loose their modding capabilities to acquire enable you to play new games. Sony is merely be aggressive towards PS3 hackers.