View Full Version : Hamilton TERB Party

02-28-2003, 10:27 PM
Over in the Hamilton forum I've started a thread for the Hamilton party. To date the following has been done:

We secured the Million Dollar Saloon on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton's East end. There is a Best Western across the street and several more motels just minutes away near the QEW access.

The management has requested a non-weekend date, while a date hasn't been finalized I'm hoping to see the part happen sometime in the last two weeks of April.

I've been doing the recruiting thing, seeing which ladies, agencies, et al. would be willing to show up. In that I've gone to the TO TERB party at the Manhattan and hope to make the one at the Brass Rail to see who from the Toronto area I can convince to come down for the party.

In The Hammer itself, most of the MPs, agencies and indies have responded positively, with the execption of the Russian ones. So it looks like no Mila.

And most importantly, I score a shitload of Mardi Gras beads!

Any suggetions and RVSPs would be greatly appreciative.