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02-16-2008, 02:09 AM
So .. I’ve been around a while, a lurker for years, even a member for a while, then I got married, still happily so, but the hobby … it’s tough to quit. Do you quit or do you get old enough and it quits you? Beware all you young hobbyists, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back…

Anyway, what may look like a first post isn’t, just posted under a brand new handle; here’s a review:

Milla or Helene in Burlington $140 for the half hour:


So I arrive at the pre-determined time and call, she says, can you call back in a few minutes?? Sure, 10 minutes later I call back – come right up she says, I do, I open the door and I like what I see. A young 20-something who is friendly and ready to go - unfortunately things go downhill from here. She has the annoying habit of answering her cell phone every time it goes off, and it goes off a lot, at least 5 times when I was there, 2 or 3 times while in “mid-stroke” as it were. She asked if I mind if she answers… I should have just said “yes I do..” but being a guilty ‘john’ I just said ‘ok’. She says to the guy on the other end “can you call back in a few minutes?” Now I feel like a complete heel and find it hard to finish. I mean jeezus, I know it’s a business, but damn, this is my time and I don’t want to think of the next guy (or the guy before me) while I’m in the middle of the deed.

There is no DATY or digits, I was actually kind of thankful for this as it was apparent I was in an assembly line. Eventually I finish (It could have been a lot quicker if not for the cell phone), shower up and leave. That was that. She was friendly enough, but so is my banker. Here it is by the numbers:

Face: 7
Body: 8 – youth factor
Service: 4
Attitude: 6 – friendly but businesslike distance

02-16-2008, 02:57 AM
Thanks for the review!
Well... answering her phone all the time...this is unacceptable for me. In fact, I cannot play with an "answering machine", can you?