View Full Version : Sad news for Hamilton ...

11-11-2002, 12:33 AM
I'm sure qwert will be one of at least a few of us who will be a little upset to learn that Margaret of the now-defunct 188 Barton Street MP in Stoney Creek is no longer working in the area.

I thought that she would be working in Grimsby on Fridays according to the schedule they had posted in their lobby. However, when I called to find out before making the drive, I was told she's no longer working. Furthermore, the woman I talked to seemed to indicate that she is now working at a place in Barrie (she corrected herself after saying Brampton ... her english wasn't great).

I'm going to see if anyone on the Barrie board will keep their eyes open for me. Anyone who saw Margaret knows that she was a wonderful MPA worth repeat visits. Wherever she is - Brampton or Barrie - she'd be worth the trip in my books.