View Full Version : Hamilton Strip Friday night 8/31/07- The 2-year hunt for Jersey Ends with success

Dave in Phoenix
09-01-2007, 04:50 AM
Hamilton Strip Friday night 8/31/07
The 2-year hunt for Jersey Ends with success

Arrived about 9pm and was very sparse for a Friday night. But got much busier later and was quite packed when I left about 1AM or so.

Fergie ?
I hope I have name right.... a bit like British accent but Irish and German I think, very tall, just right for Dave body. Has for me a bit of a different texture to her body, hard to describe but I like. A bit soft but not fat but feels really nice in my hands! Not very talkative and a bit hard for me to understand probably over the noise of the music. Was a bit too sexy at times but with moments of nice responsive intimacy. A bit hard to read like not experienced in more my type of intimacy but yet seemed to enjoy but as I said hard to read. 2 songs and 4 with potential on my intimacy scale. (0-5 , 5 rare highest).

Very nice body although breasts just slightly larger than picky me's ideal but nice. Nice chat, has worked at owners Barrie club also - and sold some tickets at other Barrie strip club but no contact allowed. When done I asked her if my favorite long-time known dancer Cat was working. She said how nice Cat is but that she usually comes in a bit later. It is now maybe 9:30 or so.

Not wanting to spend too much of a fortune on other dancers before hopefully finding Cat, decided to take a dinner break so I dined at a nearby Tim Hortens - I like their Chili Combo and partially read yesterdays Wall Street Journal I had in the car. We don't have Timmy's in AZ just in a few Eastern U.S. cities, I believe.

OK back to Hamilton Strip lot getting more full about 10:30 or so.

From Hungary remembered me but didn't recall my name. Looking back yes I had great time with her on my May 2007 and October 2006 visits. Tall redhead. 2 songs and 4+ on my intimacy scale.

Cat !
She spots me, I spot her. Looks a bit different maybe more exotic looking. Have nice chat at my "stand". She had seen my reviews so knew I was in town, unlike last trip when she didn't and walked by me thinking "is that Dave", and it was more of a surprise. Melanie had told her "some guy" was looking for her! As always had a great time for 3 songs and some chat time in back. Wonderful connection and quality conversation, my maximum 3 songs and as always my highest 5 on intimacy scale

She reminded me of my long hunt from last 3 trips for Jersey, since Cat thought we would be such a good match. I hadn't reviewed my prior trip notes and had forgotten about the hunt where we kept missing each other. She points her out to me and what do you know we wind up in a "seat" in the VIP behind her. OK its still relatively early not about to close like last few times we tried to connect so I am determined to meet her tonight when we are both free.

After great time with Cat am searching for Jersey not wanting to get tied up with another dancer. But then they announce next up is Jersey, so I know she will be busy on stage for awhile so if another dancer I think I like approaches would go with her a few songs. I did turn down a couple dancers not my type (I prefer slim bodies).

Remembers me from a prior trip and that I give good back massages. Had me for one song (free) doing massage on her. Nice body and personality, a but more sexual than intimate (but want most folks want and can't read my mind). Pretty face and good eye contact in certain position like. 2 songs and when intimate a3+ on my intimacy scale. Has higher intimacy potential if she would just relax and not work so hard at being sexy.

Looking back now at my prior reviews...amazing how things don't change. I met her 11/1/2006 and wrote:
Sara originally from Czechoslovakia
She leaned English quickly and has almost no accent. Tall, slender those nice small soft breasts to caress. Again a bit more sexual than intimate but enjoyed. 2 songs and a 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Back in the main room again as in prior trips searching for Jersey.....Thought I spot her on other side of room, so I roam over there, don't see her at first, go back awhile and wonder back stage left area and all of a sudden she is heading for me. She knows from Cat of our many failed attempts to meet (I did catch her once briefly as we were walking out after the club closed). Very friendly glad to finally meet (confuses me a split second by introducing herself with her real name) and off we go.

Off we go. As I've often said I enjoy standing with a women that I don't have to look down on the top of their heads (I'm just a hair under 6-2) so I enjoy Jordan's height and Fergie almost as tall I think as Jersey.

Started off the typical sexy vs my preferred intimate (again can't read my mind) but responded nicely to my intimacy and good conversation. 3 songs and a 4 on my intimacy scale but afterwards enjoyed some nice long "cuddle talk" which was very nice in the chair. Very intelligent discussion ranged from the clubs, her being here I think its 4 years from Budapest Hungary to the Russian mafia in Toronto related to escorts and why Eastern European women in my experience are in general so wonderfully intimate vs American women (because E European men treat them so badly they appreciate kinder, gentler Canadian/American men).

So after spanning two years my search for Jersey has ended in a nice time. I hope to meet her again. Thanks to Cat for all her work in trying to get us to meet!

Bianca or "BuyYonka" (don't know how to spell it!)
When I was with Cat in the VIP after Jersey left the couch in front of us the next dancer Cat mentioned I would probably also like and with old Dave's poor memory I was thinking this may have been her but I don't think it was. I do appreciate Cat making suggestions since she knows most of the dancers and obviously knows what I enjoy and how it would match what other dancers like.

I was thinking of leaving after some great times, but thinking this might be the gal in front of us, off we go.

Started out very sexy not intimate but start responding to my touch gradually and mentioned how nice my soft hands feel on her body. Has potential. 2 songs and 3+ or 4- on my intimacy scale.

It is for me an interesting social experiment to see if I can "tame" the wild sexy gal into responding more to my type of intimate touch (non sexual) and if she is what I call an "intimacy responder" often quickly changes style in response to my touch and often its a great in concert like change to my tune vs her fast sexy tune.

Fergie? again
She had approached me again mid way thru the night asking if like to dance again. Since I almost never redo a dancer the same night I turned down. But I was somewhat intrigued by her. She seemed perhaps a bit shy, somewhat low voice hard to hear over the noise of the music, she was working the floor hard but getting turned down a lot and I liked her body. I also had glimmers of good intimacy response.

Checking my wallet I was a bit shocked to see how little I had left, I spent more than I had expected to as usual. Had two $20's left and saw her working the floor again and being turned down. I knew she wouldn't approach me again but when she came by me (at my usual stand back bar right side holding up pillar behind last row of the bench seats - that is where I stand 99% of the time), I stop her and say I started the night with you, only have two $20's left and thought if you like I'd end the night with you. Off we go.

She starts out very sexual and I wonder if I can "tame" her. I am getting the idea she may be newer and not use to anything other than wild sexy dancing. But about the start of song 2 she gets in one of my favorite positions and relaxes letting me do the nice loving tender things I like to do with fronts of bodies both light touch and caressing body, breasts etc which is hard to describe - have to get my video some day when I get it done - She stays in that good position the whole song and getting some very nice body response (hugging back sort of to my hugs - hard to describe). She especially seems to like one stretch position (even harder to describe) and when done thanks me etc. But I get the feeling she is conflicted emotionally about something but not sure. Not the usual parting hug but a bit uncomfortable ending. Of course that also may have something to do with another dancer and customer standing by us waiting for the chair since room was full. It was an interesting experience. Maybe I try and evaluate too much :(

Off I go...broke for the night till I get to an ATM machine on the way to my hotel!

But worth it - another great time at Hamilton Strip.