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07-12-2006, 01:38 AM
hey guys - im not really doing anything - so i decided to try asking a question here - see if by some small chance someone would actually know the answer to this question...

okay - its a old platform game question....really old platform

anyways it was during my elementary school year...and the school was having an open house - and while all the parents were touring the school - having interviews with the teachers and learning about the services and programs provided by the school - well - its so far back - i think they were most likely having parent/teacher interviews - cos i remember the lineups in the hallway. Anyways, they had computers lined up outside the hallways - I have the slightest clue why ...i think it was to show the parents the computers that were available for the students...who knows why...anyways, i lived close by so i stayed over at the school while they had the open house - i don't exactly remember why i stayed over either...but ...i think it was cos I sat down at the computer for one minute - and clicked on the games on that computer - and therefore, that one minute ended up being four hours. All the teacher's ignored me cause they were too preoccupied with the parents touring the school and keeping them well tended to. So nobody noticed me.

Anyways, while on that computer - it was an old platform IBM computer - I played the same game for four hours straight - it was an awesome game - pretty simple really...but insanely addictive.

It might not be as addictive today - considering I grew up with such a variety of games - but I'm wondering if anyone knows of it ...

This game was around 25+ years ago. It was on the old IBM platforms. The ones with windows 8.1 I believe. Really old programs, like pacman has just come out, and atari was the only game platform available and extremely popular. Where there was commodore 64 and apple II - not macintosh - computers and the games were pacman, donkey kong and the arcades were riddled with arkanoid and space invaders.

There are some other games I want to ask about...but this is the only one I'll post for now...

It was story-based - meaning it was a multiple-choice oriented game. It was like reading a book - and each page you would have a different, new obstacle to overcome. It was set in the 1900's - u were a colonist - you had a a farm and a family to raise. So there was no off-road jeeps, hummers, radios or telephones. Only horses, wood, trees and farm animals. Each new round, you would be faced with another threatening obstacle - some more serious than others. Another way to explain it is - it was like an rpg - where you were given a choice at each round - but each round you first had to read a paragraph that described a new issue or obstacle that threatened your farm and family, that was upon your farm. One round would look very much like this...

that sort of goes like this

Your wife just went into labor. There is a storm raging outside. The winds are ripping at 200 mph. The crack of thunder is ear-shattering, outside ur cabin. The rain is a relentless downpour, hard and fast, seeming like it will never end, like the evening that noah built the ark. The relentless barrage of falling rain is causing tides of a steady rising flood building in the area and the earth is riddled with gushing newly-formed small rivers across most of the path out of the woods, turning most of the earth into mud and soft earth. The hospital is located in the next town, at least 100 miles. The weather conditions and the treachorous terrain make it dangerous to travel.

Do you....

1) Try to deliver the baby yourself, with the children as aides?
2) Go to the next cabin and seek the neighbor's wife as a midwife to deliver the baby?
3) Send the oldest son to the cabin slightly further to summon the doctor?
4) Take the wagon and try to transport the wife to the hospital in town, several miles away...

Then upon making your choice, the game would give you a new screen which described the in one or two sentences what actions resulted in the decision you made. For example, if you picked Option 3) then the new screen would give you something like this...

Your oldest son has took the fastest horse in the barn and charged down the path leading into the woods, but has not returned the entire night and the following day. It is highly likely that in the woods, he has gotten lost or was overwhelmed by the treacherous, raging weather has fallen due to an accident, during his trek to reach the doctor. You will have to arrange and send a search party in the morning. After a long, sleepless night of attempting to deliver the baby yourself, the wife has finally delivered the baby at dawn.

And then, below this paragraph story. It would give you points, upon the choice that you made. You would earn or lose points, in terms of food you were left with, the happiness of the family, the health of the family and the state of your farm, livestock, gold and crop yields.

It would look like this...

- 5 happy / - 1 livestock / - 4 health / + 5 gold / + 1 wheat / + 1 oats / + 2 wine

Several rounds - you would be given a graphic of the layout of your farm, having earned a new acre of land as expansion to your farm. You would be given a choice of what you chose to grow on that new additional acre of land expansion to your farm. Whether it be barley, oats, wheat or livestock.

And several rounds - you would gain a new member of the family - a new child. Also, you would gain additional horses, livestock, crop stock and farm equipment. I believe a couple rounds - you would be given the option of purchasing these articles, according to the money you earned, what kinds of crop yields you wanted, horses, suppiles, most especially food for the family to keep them fed for the next couple weeks...

Sometimes you would have warnings, that the food supply is getting low and your family would be starving for the winter.

Another round might look like this...

The weather has been hot and scorching for weeks. Only a few days has it rained, only for very short periods and at the minimum of light trickling of droplets. The farm is like a scorching desert, with the sun hot, relentless and strong. The earth has become dry, hard and cracked. The crops have become withered and is almost burnt. The crops cannot last much longer without water. The crops can still be salvaged. Two or three more days and the crops will be beyond recovery. The crops will be the only reservoir available as stock to keep you through the winter. If you lose this crop, you will certainly starve this winter...

Do you...

1) Try to harvest the crops immediately and collect everything that has been yielded so far and store it for the winter. Hopefully it will get you halfway through the winter. Then you will be forced to hunt whatever scarce game in the woods.

2) Send the sons and daughters with you to the nearest river several miles away to collect water in the wagon. It will take a couple empty barrels but it will be an entire two day's work to collect enough full barrels, as the crops are vast, huge and will need several servings of water a day; so there must be a plentiful bounty of full barrel count of water supply available to revive the crops and to last through the next couple of days of harsh hot weather.

3) Wait and hope the weather changes. The hot, scorching sun has endured for a couple days. The hot, brutal weather should relent and the weather should change soon, with relief of rain to save your crops. This will be a gamble though, as the weather is unpredictable and the sun can endure for weeks.

Anyone remember anything like this?

It was while Atari has just been introduced into the market. Commodore 64, IBM and Apple II - back then it was Apple II - before they renamed it Macintosh - was the most popular available desktops. This was before Nintendo and before 16 bit. It was 8 bit games such as Pacman, Space invaders, Spy Hunter and Arkanoid was highly popular and dominating the market. Dell didn't exist then. And programming software was all basic programming. I don't think C or C+ was even introduced yet. (The computers were too small - big noisy harddrives with floppy diskettes and D:/ goto and run commands was in service, not the desktop interactive...)

07-14-2006, 12:13 AM
So just that you don't go too insane, I think I remember this game (we must be about the same age) or at least something similar.

I recal something like the point was to grow wheat, that could be sold.
Also something about catching dripping water with a bucket.
But the obstacles were generally simply, and that the screen was split in 4?

And for some reason the name "Farmer Joe" comes to mind

07-14-2006, 10:39 AM
I recal something like the point was to grow wheat, that could be sold.

Not just wheat. After like every 10 rounds of text RPG, you would get the choice of purchasing wheat, oats, barley, grain, corn and possibly others.

Then you would get like a little graphic display of your farm layout, where you had the barn and then you had your entire farm land, and you could choose where to put the crop stock on, where you wanted to plant the barley, oats, grain, corn, wheat on, on your farm land. Every 10 rounds, your farm land would expand. I should make a graphical imitation of what this interactive display looked like. It looked like a tic tac toe graph, and you would drag the little square of "grain" box onto one of the spaces in the tic tac toe graph. I'll make a similar illustrationwhen I get back.

Also something about catching dripping water with a bucket.
But the obstacles were generally simply, and that the screen was split in 4?

yeah I think you got the right idea. Damn. I'll do a search for "Farmer Joe." See if something comes up.

07-14-2006, 07:22 PM
It hit me last nite after I turned off my computer. Try the title "A Day in the Life of..."

07-15-2006, 11:27 AM
I did a search for "A Day in the Life..."....no luck...

Also did a search for "A Day in the LIfe of Farmer Joe"...no luck...


07-26-2006, 01:51 AM
I think the game you're referring to is called Oregon Trail.

07-28-2006, 01:10 PM
OMG! I remember that game, but not the name. You had to rotate the crops in the right cycle or the soil would go bad, it was to teach nutrients in the soil and stuff. You would have to clear land to have more farm land and such. I would play that at school for hours on those old monochrome computers with the built in track ball instead of a mouse. Ya I would love to know that game too, it would be a kick to play it again.

Sasha Jones
08-24-2006, 10:20 PM
This game was around 25+ years ago. It was on the old IBM platforms. The ones with windows 8.1 I believe.

Windows hasn't even been out for 25 yrs and they certainly never released an 8.1 version LOL.