View Full Version : psp reviews

12-24-2005, 02:48 PM
I was just wondering if there are any PSP owners here and what they thought of their product and is it worth the purchase?

licka daclit
12-28-2005, 10:57 AM
I had a psp but I sold it. There just arent enough quality games out for it. The thing has been out since may i believe, and there are not many more games out now then there where when it was released. To me not worth the purchase. But if you want it for a movie player there are a ton of movies out for it.

01-12-2006, 04:34 PM
Well a few thoughts.

I did not buy mine as a games machine, so I guess I am less disappointed than many.

The Good:

I rip my own movies and watch them while I'm on the road (Logitech case really helps the ergonomics of the device).

I have tons of MP3 music ripped from my CD collection as use it nightly as a music player (BUT with proper headphones - not the crap ones that came with the unit)

Never thought I would use the feature but I have a ton of photos on the PSP and enjoy showing and updating them for friends.

Acts like a portable hard drive when I need either extra space or to move info around. The USB feature is very handy.

WIFI browser is simplistic but functional - quite handy to find schedules for various establishments and phone numbers while walking in the city.

I have played most of the games available and they function like their previous version on my PS2. BrotherHood of Steel is OK. HotShots Golf is good and Nameco MS PacMan is a hoot.

Battery life is actually very good. One day - one charge for what I do with it.

The Bad:

In day to day use it's too big to carry around. In a bag yes, in a pocket no.

Absolutely stupid wait times when loading games from the UMB drive. 30 seconds or more seem to be the norm.

I have played most of the games available and they function like their previous version on my PS2. Why pay a second time for the sameo sameo?

The 1GB cards are still way to expensive to have several - I mean really three cards and you have the price of the unit. 3 hard drives do not equal 1/3 the price of a computer. 3 cards do not equal the price of a HD Video camera.

ROM updates are a ridiculous 15MB in size. There have been 3 in the last 5 months.

Overall I am satisfied with my purchase but it was sold as a gaming platform so I think everyone has a right to complain. Maybe the next year will tell