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  1. Nicki at the Cabaret in Belleville
  2. Rules and stuff
  3. Taboo Dancers
  4. Playmates Dancers
  5. Barefax Dancers
  6. Pigale Dancers.
  7. Barbarellas Dancers.
  8. A Review of Ottawa Gatineau Strip Bars
  9. Who are/were your favorite dancers? Past and present
  10. What's your favorite StripClub (SC) in the NCR
  11. Strip clubs that no longer exist - trip down memory lane.
  12. Planning a trip to Montreal or Ottawa for a bachelor's last stand.
  13. Basic questions about strip clubs
  14. Tease Incorporated
  15. Why do YOU go to strip clubs?
  16. Chatting with a Dancer - a delicate balance?
  17. Ottawa-Gatineau strip bars rock in comparison.
  18. SC with best looking girls
  19. You know you're a SC regular when.......
  20. pigales
  21. clubs + grey cup festival
  22. hotels in ottawa i might meet
  23. Tipping the dancers on stage? - Your opinion
  24. Best Ottawa SC Dancer of 2017 Nominee Thread
  25. NuDen Appearance by Christy Mack
  26. MONtreal stripclubs...
  27. BareFax club updates
  28. BareFax Christmas customer appreciation party!
  29. Best Ottawa SC Dancer of 2017 VOTING Thread
  30. Remove the (so called DJ) fees dancers have to pay
  31. The economics of strip clubs.
  32. Is It Really Always Like This?
  33. Tease Incorporated is now closed
  34. Dancers' Contact Number or E-Mail
  35. Terb's Official 2017 Ottawa SC Dancer of the Year ANNOUNCED
  36. If you were a SC manager, you would.....
  37. Barefax summer party
  38. Trip to Ottawa
  39. Just Wondering: Which Club Has The Best Food?
  40. Which club has the best dancers with big TITS!
  41. ISO Jessica, wears glasses, older girl
  42. Montreal recos?
  43. Vegas playmate
  44. Terb's Guide for SC Newcomers
  45. 'The Last Dance'
  46. NuDen Dancers
  47. Which clubs offer free lunch days?
  48. Barb's last days
  49. Casino Cabaret where Tease Inc was?