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  1. Notice re: BBFS posts


    Since it seems that the posted guidelines and notifications at the top of several review forums are not sufficient....

    Any posts that accuses, speculates, alleges or infers that any provider offers BBFS will be deleted and the poster will be banned. No warning. No discussion.

    The reasons for this have been discussed extensively and TERB's position is and always has been that such posts will not be permitted.

  2. Posting Guidelines - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

    TERB user guidelines.

    1. Moderators' decisions are FINAL. If you think a moderator is acting inappropriately, or is treating you unfairly, contact Fred Zed. If you wish to question the moderator's decision, do so via pm or email, not in the public forums.

    2. If a member asks you not to contact them anymore accept that. If you receive unwanted PM's, first ask the person to stop, then use the ignore feature and report harassment to the moderators.

    3. Differing points of view are welcomed as long as everyone acts with the appropriate respect and decorum. Yes, tempers may be raised but remember to act like responsible adults.

    4. If a moderator asks to discuss something with you, please respond. Lack of response may result in your account privileges being revoked. Except for specific exceptions granted by TERB administration, your pm function should be active.

    5. No abuse, name calling, derogatory statements or insults that are not OBVIOUSLY given and received with good humor will be tolerated.

    6. Promotional links and information will not be permitted other than in the designated areas and there ONLY by paid TERB advertisers. Posts that are considered to be advertising by other than paid advertisers will be removed.

    7. No personal information, or links to personal information, shall be posted, even if it is 'commonly known.' With this in mind, links to Facebook or similar sites will not be permitted. Threatening to divulge personal information and/or personal threats (even veiled threats) will result in posting privileges being revoked WITHOUT WARNING and, in extreme cases, the possibility of contacting the user's ISP or law enforcement.

    8. TERB, or any review board, is NOT a policing authority of the sex industry. While all TERB administrators would love to be able to help out everyone with their problems, the fact is that we are essentially powerless in most respects. TERB administration will not respond to any complaints regarding a poster's off-board activities without being presented with ample corroborating evidence, not just people's word. We will still post warnings about agencies' and clients' impropriety, as that is our job.

    9. Multiple handles, except where specifically approved by TERB administration, are not permitted.

    10. It is not permitted to transmit via TERB any information, data, text, files, links, software, or other materials ("Content") that TERB considers to be unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. This includes reference to illegal activities at Strip Clubs or Massage Parlours. Posts alleging substance abuse or health issues will also not be permitted, as well as allegations or discussion of BBFS. Likewise, posts which appear to solicit the sale or purchase of drugs, prescription or otherwise will, be not be permitted.

    11. TERB no longer accepts reviews of UNLISTED escorts or MPAs. This is legally a grey area and exposes this site to some considerable risk. Numbers/names etc. have to be advertised either on the internet via their own webpage and/or the newspaper classifieds. If they are not currently advertising, their reviews will not be permitted here on TERB. This includes discussion of the so called 'street scene.'

    12. TERB no longer permits 3rd party reviews or information (i.e. "My friend saw this lady.") Encourage the person to join TERB and post the review first hand.

    13. Regarding private messages. TERB private messages are sent with the expectation that they will remain private. Unless both parties agree, pm's must not be posted publicly. This notwithstanding, users are free to forward offensive pms to TERB administration so that the offending party may be dealt with.

    14. Multiple images in your signature line are not permited and all images are to be kept to a maximum of 240 pixels high. Those that are in violation of this will have their signature images removed by the moderators without notice.

    15. All threads are public. You can't control who may post in them. Please do not try.

    These rules notwithstanding, TERB reserves the right to edit or delete any posts it believes are not in the best interests of TERB, its advertisers and/or its users.

    This is a private board and your participation is by invitation. Please remember that membership is a privilege, not a right.

    As a condition of membership, you agree to abide by the rules and by the moderators' decisions.

    As a general principle TERB administration will not publicly discuss the reasons behind their decisions to discipline a user. That is a matter between TERB and that user only.

    If you feel you cannot participate within these boundaries, we thank you for your interest and invite you to please post elsewhere.

    TERB Paid Advertisers:
    ONE promotional post per day only
    No bumping of threads the same day - that counts as a promo post
    Deleting a post in order to post again that day is not permitted - the subsequent posts will be deleted.
    No promotional posts are permitted in ANY review forum - they're only permitted in designated advertiser forums.
    Advertisements will be ''Soft Deleted'' once the subscription duration has expired
    Replying to a review: please use one post to express your thanks, not one for each kudo. Once a week or so is more than sufficient. And please restrict your comments to thanks or generalities. If you stray into providing schedules or enticements to contact you, the post will be deleted.

    This is to keep if fair for all advertisers.

    The moderation team is reviewing the guidelines for advertisers. Please forward your input to Fred Zed or Mark Service.